KalmAssure Unflavored Powder

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Available Sizes: Product No. 33606 - .8 lb container - 60 servings

KalmAssure Magnesium delivers the highest quality magnesium available to give you the maximum strength calming nutrients you need when stress starts getting the better of you. This special product helps restore healthy magnesium levels in the body to support nerve and muscle relaxation.

KalmAssure is available as an unflavored powder that can be easily added to any of your favorite shakes or simply mixed with water for a pure refreshing taste.

Also available in convenient capsule form or refreshing, pink lemonade or orange flavored drink mixes.

Features & Benefits:

  • Perfectly calibrated to mix easily with any water temperature
  • Supports healthy teeth and bones
  • Plays a role in energy metabolism
  • Important for healthy nerve impulse transmission
  • Aids the body in regulating internal temperature
  • Has a natural effect on bowel health
  • Contributes to proper inflammation response in the body
  • Can help support healthy blood pressure levels already within normal range