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Andrographis EP80™ Immune*


Powerful Immune Support*
Andrographis EP80 Immune
combines clinically studied andrographis with melatonin, plus essential minerals, to support many aspects of immune system health:*

Healthy Upper Respiratory Function: Supports sinus, bronchial, and lung health.*

Cellular Level Support: Each ingredient works effectively with your immune system to help you feel your best.*

Better Sleep at Night: Restorative sleep is critical to healthy immune function.*


Andrographis is a powerful adaptogen for immune defense and upper respiratory function. The clinically studied andrographis in this formula delivers a concentrated level of andrographolides, key compounds that make it effective and reliable.*

Melatonin is probably best known for supporting healthy sleep, but what many people may not realize is that decades of research (over 27,000 studies) show that melatonin also plays an intricate and powerful role in immune system activity and our entire metabolic function. Additionally, the body's naturally occurring melatonin levels can decrease with age, occasional stress, or extensive screen time and light exposure. That’s why it’s important to ensure optimal levels for healthy immune function.*

Selenium and Zinc support upper respiratory health, cellular function, and glutathione levels—one of the body’s naturally occurring antioxidants. While these minerals are common, diet alone may not supply the optimal levels for immune strength.*