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BosMed® + Boswellia with Frankincense Oil

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Size: 60 Count Bottle

Boswellia serrata extract has been a vital component of Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Unique among botanicals, it supports certain pathways that other compounds can’t. Frankincense oil from boswellia is also a treasured herbal ingredient known for its support of overall health and cellular protection.*^

The frankincense oil in this formula provides another powerful, synergistic ingredient to assist boswellia for a broad spectrum of benefits.*

Together, this botanical combination protects your cells from the risk of oxidative damage and supports a healthy inflammation response essential to a vibrant life.*†

  • Strong Cellular Protection*^
  • Healthy Inflammation Response*†

† Occasional inflammation due to exercise or overuse

^ Protection from oxidative stress and damage