BrainCeutix™ Multi Capsules

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Product No. 81010 - 60 Count Bottle 30 Servings

Enhance Your Brain Power

BrainCeutix™ is a comprehensive system for brain support, carefully crafted to deliver the best, scientifically supported ingredients that specifically stimulate, protect and repair the brain while also benefiting all the cells in the body.

Vital nutrients, whole foods, probiotics and brain-targeting antioxidants provide a foundational formula that should be part of any smart program. BrainCeutix Multi is complete, high-potency nutrition, loaded with brain-focused supports that also have a total body benefit. Featuring specialized probiotics and some of the strongest antioxidants known to date, there is not another multivitamin of its kind.

BrainCeutix Multi Features:
• A complete array of B vitamins needed for healthy nerves and red blood cells
• Key minerals support improved nerve response and functionality
• PQQ (PyrroloQuinoline Quinone) promotes healthy cognitive function to overcome stress
• NAC (N-AcetylCysteine) supports brain recovery and helps memory and cognition
• Lipoic Acid improves nerve blood flow and nerve conduction by promoting healthy levels of acetylcholine
• Supports healthy Mitochondria, improved gut function, and key to overall health and wellness