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“It’s on The Tip of My Tongue…”

Much of what we call “age-related brain decline” is the accumulated damage done by poor diet, extreme stress, lack of exercise, and poor sleeping patterns. While such decline becomes most apparent after age 50, your mental peak occurs at about 30. No one needs to tell you when brain issues rear their head. Short-term memory fades, words can’t quite cross your lips, details grow more elusive, and car keys, cell phones, and eyeglasses end up in the oddest places.

Why These Things Happen

Neurons are cells that transmit data. Poor circulation, low levels of neurotransmitters, brittle cell membranes, lack of energy, and other factors undermine their efforts, resulting in reduced clarity, focus, memory, and problem-solving.

An optimal brain supplement must support brain circulation, brain energy, neurogenesis, and neurotransmitter levels. It should also nourish the larger Kidney System, which holistic health systems regard as the brain’s “governor.”

Ultimate Mental Performance Support*

Fortunately, nature provides nutrients that support brain health. BrainEssence™ provides an exquisite blend of these nutrients. While some of its nutrients might be new to you, each supports a specific aspect of brain health.*

Thanks to these nutrients, BrainEssence™ has a nearly immediate impact. It is ideal for doctors, attorneys, teachers, students, first responders, businesspeople, engineers – and anyone who might have noticed less efficient mental processes.*