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Candex™ – Yeast Management Supplement

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If Candida has you down, you have probably tried antifungal drugs and herbs. If you have, you know they don’t work in the long run, and can cause Candida die off that’s worse than the Candida itself. Candex™ is a better way. It works by “digesting” the cell walls of Candida. Candida has no defense against this type of action, and Candex™ is the world’s most potent blend of enzymes for this purpose.* Candex ™ has been the first choice of both consumers and health practitioners for over 20 years for one simple reason – it works! But it doesn’t just work – it works fast. You will begin feeling better in 10 days or less. And, you will have none of the Candida die off caused by other products.*



  • Day 1: (1) capsule
  • Day 2: (1) capsule twice daily
  • Day 3 and after: (2) capsules twice daily
  • Always use between meals with at least 8 oz of water.
  • For maintenance: (1) capsule at bedtime.
  • Children: (1/2) capsule twice daily per 40 lbs.