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• A dietary supplement to support proper cardiovascular

functioning and the maintenance of cholesterol levels

within normal range.*

• Recommended For:
 Supporting serum lipid levels within normal ranges.*
 Healthy blood flow.*
 Supporting levels of HDL within normal ranges.*
 Encouraging healthy blood viscosity.*
HDL to LDL Ratio Support
• Red Yeast Rice (Monascus porporeus) is an all-natural whole
food made from dried fermented rice. Red Yeast Rice naturally
helps maintain cholesterol levels within normal ranges and
contains unsaturated fatty acids that support the maintenance of
serum lipids within normal ranges.*
• Chromium is a trace mineral used by the body to regulate
HDL-to-LDL ratios. The Chromium Polynicotinate form
ensures maximum bioavailability.* The average American diet
is chromium deficient.*
• Phytosterols are plant steroid alcohols that have been shown to
support the maintenance of cholesterol within normal range by
blocking the over-absorption of cholesterol.* Nature’s
Cholesterol Plus contains a phytosterol complex from soy that
yields 90% phytosterols including 230 mg of Beta-sitosterol.
Cholesterol Synthesis and Circulation
• Policosanol is a complex that has been studied for its ability to
reduce cholesterol synthesis by the liver, protect against
peroxidation of lipids, aid healthy blood flow and support the
maintenance of beneficial HDLs within normal range.*
• Artichoke (Cynara scolymnus) Leaf Extract is a
phytonutrient that has been shown to support cholesterol within
normal ranges.* Cynarin, a compound contained in artichokes,
supports the production of bile, which may help the body to
excrete cholesterol.* Artichoke Leaf Extract helps balance
activity of the enzyme responsible for maintaining cholesterol
levels within normal ranges.*
Antioxidant and Blood Viscosity Support
• Guggul lipids contain compounds known as guggul sterones.
As antioxidants, they protect against lipid peroxidation.*
Coenzyme Q10 is critical in the generation of cellular energy.*
Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant found in the highest
concentrations in the heart, liver, kidneys, spleen, and
• Nature’s Cholesterol Plus would be a great addition to any
diet and exercise program that is designed to support the
maintenance of HDLs, cholesterol and triglycerides within
normal ranges.*