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Crave Stop


Crave Stop

Whether it’s a warm & gooey chocolate chip cookie straight out of the oven... a dense, fudgy double chocolate brownie… or even the simplest ice cream treat… just thinking about these foods makes your mouth water!

It’s no surprise that most of us find ourselves sneaking off at night in search of that oh-so-perfect sugary release to satisfy our uncontrollable sweet tooth. 

Unfortunately, this is a major reason why 70% of American adults are overweight or obese. Even worse: the toxic effects of a steady supply of refined sugars on your body and overall health can be dramatic, long-lasting and far beyond what you see in the mirror.

That’s why we created Crave Stop

Each 2-capsule serving is formulated with scientifically-researched ingredients that support a healthy appetite, blood sugar metabolism, and adrenal function. Plus its multiple super-nutrients are designed to help you sleep better, lower stress, and support a healthy brain. 

With Crave Stop, you’ll never find yourself scraping the bottom of an ice cream tub again!