Eniva MCT Oil


Eniva Health® Organic Enhanced MCT Oil provides energy packed fatty acids and metabolism support.* This MCT Oil contains high performance C8 and C10 fatty acids from Organic and Non-GMO coconuts. These are faster sources of energy and metabolism activators than longer chain fatty acids.*

Fast Energy for Your Brain and Body

• Pure Source Organic MCTs: 14 g of MCTs per serving
• More quickly digested and converted into energy than long chain fats
• Doesn't require insulin for metabolism
• Helps support blood sugar levels already in a normal range*
• Helps you feel full*
• C8 and C10 suppress your hunger hormones*
• Has no odor or flavor – works well when added to beverages or foods

The Power of Specialized Fats

Your body relies on nutritional balance to operate at its best. This includes certain fats that help provide energy, support body structure, aid brain function and assist with overall body balance.* And believe it or not, specialized fats can actually help your body maintain a healthy and normal weight and body composition.*

Your body produces energy from what you eat. Although certain amounts of carbs and glucose are needed to fuel your body, you are actually programmed to burn fat more efficiently.  By consciously eating fewer carbs, you allow your body to first burn fat for fuel. When your body burns stored body fat, this can result in weight control.*

Benefits of Medium Chain Triglycerides

Here's where it gets even more interesting: medium chain fats (also known as medium chain triglycerides, or MCTs) are digested more quickly than long chain fats. This means MCTs will actually get used for energy first, and are less likely to be stored as fat.

MCTs are quickly absorbed within the GI tract and are metabolized rapidly by the liver, taking minimal effort by the liver to change them into energy. That gives your body a better chance of using them for fat energy rather than storing them for future use.

MCTs have the lowest calorie count of all oils, and works to burn more calories, longer, than other fats. People often refer to this effect as "thermogenic." MCTs are generally not stored as fat because of this thermogenic activity, being used so quickly and efficiently for fuel by your body.

 Another plus is when your body is burning mainly fat for energy, your blood sugar stays balanced and likewise, your energy level too.* In fact, MCTs get metabolized similarly to how a carb is used, but it converts faster and it doesn't require insulin during the process.

 Blood sugar levels have a much better chance of staying balanced... a reason many diabetics prefer to use an MCT oil.* The result is fast, consistent energy for your body and brain, with no sugar rush and possible crash later.*

MCT Oil: A Great Nutrition Companion

Use it in Drinks: Great in Coffee, Smoothies, Shakes, Juices
Use it to Complement Foods: Add to your salad, dips, sauces, marinades, yogurt, soups
Bake with It: Use in healthy muffins, breads,  potato and vegetable bakes even meat and meat loafs

Suggested Use
Take 1 Tablespoon (15 ml) 1-3 times daily as needed.
No refrigeration required. In order to maintain a normal weight, you should consume MCT oil as part of your total amount of fat intake and not as an additional amount of fat.