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Fascia Body Roller


Fascia Body Roller

Your Castor Oil Fascia Massage Roller helps massage tight tissues and adhesions along energetic pathways that can become blocked by physical or emotional trauma.

Step 1: Apply Organic Castor Oil (sold separately) to the part of your body you will be rolling.

Step 2: With firm, gentle pressure, move the roller across your skin in different directions for 2-3 minutes.

Step 3: Optional: Follow with a Castor Oil Pelvic Pack over the pelvic and abdominal area or use an old cloth to wipe off excess oil before putting on clothing. *Castor Oil WILL stain fabrics.

Repeat daily for best results. *Replace roller after 2-3 months.

Best combined with nutrient-rich, pain-relieving and naturally anti-inflammatory Castor Oil (sold separately).

  • Promote circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Break down scar tissue from injury, surgery, cesarean section and/or endometriosis 
  • Fade stretch marks from weight gain, growth or postpartum
  • Fascia release for tight IT bands and sore muscles
  • Smooth out cellulite