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Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 35% & 3% 16floz


35% & 3% Hydrogen Peroxide 16 fl oz.

This 35% Food Grade Hydrogen must be diluted before using.

This 3% product is made from 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and filtered & distilled water this is NOT your average Drug Store bottle. There are no stabilizers or heavy metal toxins as found in the little Brown bottle.  Put an end to toxic chlorine bleach! Not only is this convenient blend useful for any purpose you may already be using the stronger 35% for but it is also ready to use as:

  • mouth wash
  • fights anti-fungal viral and bacterial infections
  • food wash
  • rejuvenate plants in the garden with a mist
  • one of the best ways to remove the stench from your pet who finds the wrong end of a skunk!
  • oral hygiene for both you and your pet
  • disinfect counter tops, door knobs, handles
  • brighten your laundry.

When determining equivalency it is important to know that 1 drop of 35% hydrogen peroxide is equivalent to 11 drops of 3%.

The uses are endless!