Terry Naturally

Hair Renew Formula®

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  • Nourishes thinning hair
  • May reduce age-related hair loss
  • Supports stronger, thicker, healthier hair
  • Energizes hair growth at the follicle with millet seed oil with biotin*

Every Day Can Be a Good Hair Day
Hair Renew Formula offers crucial nutrients to energize hair growth at the follicle and help sustain hair strength.* Most hair supplements contain essential vitamins and minerals like biotin and zinc, but what sets Hair Renew Formula apart is the millet seed oil.

Millet seed oil is standardized to the key compound miliacin, which is backed by clinical studies that show it supports the growth of lustrous, healthy hair. Millet seed oil has been shown to play a critical role in keratin production, which promotes stronger, thicker, more radiant hair.*

Nourishing Nutrients for Healthy Hair*
Unlike shampoos and conditioners, which may only temporarily improve the outward appearance of your hair, Hair Renew Formula delivers a balance of nutrients to support hair from the inside.*

Millet Seed Oil is a unique botanical that provides minerals, amino acids, and miliacin to support production of keratin, the main building block of hair.*

Biotin is essential in the renewal process of the follicles and roots of already growing hair, as well as supporting keratin production for thicker, more lustrous hair.*

B Vitamins support energy production in the fast-growing cells in hair follicles that are required for structural support.*

Zinc is shown to improve hair quality, especially dry, brittle hair.*

These components, along with other key ingredients in Hair Renew Formula, combine to provide maximum nutrient support for healthy hair growth.*