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Your Immune System

Every day your immune system is put to the test. It is constantly under attack from bacteria, viruses, and fungi and needs all the help it can get. Its two major divisions are “Innate Immunity” and “Adaptive Immunity.”

Innate Immunity is the basic defense system that you were born with and the first line of defense your body has. It cannot distinguish between specific pathogens but attacks any invader with special cells called “leukocytes” and “phagocytes.” When your Innate Immune system can’t completely overcome an infection, “Adaptive Immunity” comes into play.

Adaptive Immunity is an advanced system designed to attack specific pathogens. It works by taking molecular fingerprints of an invader and fine-tuning B Cells and T Cells into weapons that attack only that virus, bacteria, etc. By keeping copies of each pathogen in its data bank, Adaptive Immunity empowers “Acquired Immunity,” which is so powerful that it can overcome reinfections before symptoms appear.

Phytochemicals to the Rescue

Like every life process, immune response is nutrient-dependent. Lacking specific vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals weakens every aspect of immune response.

Phytochemicals are non-vitamin and mineral "nutrients" -found only in plants. They provide strong support for immune, stress, and inflammatory responses, memory and cognizance, cardiovascular health, respiratory health, and much, much more. Elderberry and Andrographis contain immune-specific phytochemicals that do not exist in table foods.

6-Way Immune Support for the Best Possible Defense*

IMMUNIN-6™ keeps your immune system in tip-top shape by providing nutrition crafted specifically to support immune health. Its plants, vitamins, and minerals give you a boost when your immune system needs it most.*

It contains organic ElderMune™, providing the equivalent of 19,500 mg of the world’s finest Sambucus nigra berries, along with clinically studied Andrographis extract, with the exact amount shown in studies to support a healthy immune response, especially for those with upper respiratory discomforts. It also contains the world’s most highly absorbable forms of Vitamin C (PUREWAY-C™), Zinc (picolinate), vegan Vitamin D (Vitashine™), and selenium (L-Seleno-Methionine), to bolster your immune system further.*