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Physical activity is essential for abundant health. Yet, for 60 million Americans, physical activity is limited by joint pain or stiffness.

While many drugs address joint challenges, they bring undesirable side effects and can actually cause further joint degeneration. For maximum joint support and to build the best health possible, you need a joint supplement that not only addresses the symptoms but also builds the long-term energy to keep your organ systems strong.

Western science holds that joint challenges stem from the degradation of cartilage and extreme inflammation that occurs due to injury, autoimmune issues, and the natural aging process. Holistic systems, however, say joint problems begin with energy deficiencies or imbalances in the Kidney System, the Liver System, and the blood.

Clinically Studied Ingredients

In recent years, clinical studies have shown that three new joint health ingredients get people “back in motion” more quickly than others. These ingredients are:

1. Natural eggshell membrane (NEM) - A natural source of collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid that has been clinically proven to reduce joint pain and improve flexibility faster than any other joint health supplement.*

2. AprèsFLEX Boswellia extract - Promotes a healthy inflammatory response. AprèsFLEX is a patented Boswellia extract that promotes faster absorption and quicker therapeutic benefits.*

3. Boron - Studies have shown that boron may help reduce joint pain and stiffness.*

NEM, Boswellia, and boron are simply the finest group of ingredients we have to support the more obvious issues of joint health. However, for a truly complete solution – one that helps you feel not just better, but your very best – a supplement must also address the imbalances mentioned above.

JointEssence™ combines NEM, AprèsFLEX Boswellia, and boron in the exact amounts used in the studies that found them helpful. It also includes Superior Herbs to support the underlying balance in the Kidney and Liver Systems and the blood, which are required for optimal joint health. The result is the most profound, fastest-acting joint supplement ever offered.*