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Just Thrive® Vitamin K2-7


Just Thrive® Vitamin K2-7

The Most Important Heart and Bone Health Supplement You’ve Never Heard Of

When it comes to optimal health, Vitamin D and calcium are foundational nutrients. But did you know? It can be all too easy for your body to use them improperly. When this happens, you could be at a MUCH higher risk for things such as osteoporosis and heart disease.

Thank goodness for Vitamin K2-7!

Though not as “mainstream” as some other vitamins, K2-7 plays a crucial role in supporting your overall health. 

Think of it like the traffic cop of your body. When it comes to utilizing Vitamin D and Calcium, K2 ensures they’re being managed correctly and traveling to all the right places.

Moreover, Vitamin K2-7 can be found in literally every tissue of your body, making it a necessary and critical activator in many key bodily health functions.

A growing body of published research shows that Vitamin K2-7:

  • Support a healthy heart and circulation...
  • Maintains healthy arteries...
  • Encourage healthy blood sugar levels...
  • Aids in optimal bone, brain, and nerve health...
  • And support overall healthy growth and development!

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin K2-7

The average Western diet falls well short of the mark when it comes to supplying the Vitamin K2-7 your body needs. Unless you eat A LOT of organ meat or multiple bowls of Japanese natto (a fermented soybean dish) daily, then you’re probably K2 deficient.

That’s why Just Thrive created its Vitamin K2-7 supplement to make it easier than ever to get the recommended amount of K2-7 your body needs!