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Just Thrive JOOT: Just Calm


Just Thrive JOOT: Just Calm  30 capsules

Why Just Calm is Superior Mood Support

1. Proprietary Well-being Power

Just Calm features BL 1714™, the most heavily researched and scientifically-verified mood support probiotic in the industry. For you, that means no guess work, and no unknowns. You can feel confident you’re giving yourself and your family the best..

2. Maximum Mood Harmonizing Potency

Nearly every mood product on the market fails to survive the trip through your harsh stomach acid. Just Calm strains are protected by a Mother-nature-made coating that allows them to pass through the stomach and remain fully potent to deliver maximum impact.

3. Clinically Verified And Effective

In a recent study involving 44 healthy adults, scientists measured the effects of 4-week BL 1714™ supplementation on stress response and neural activation. The findings show that BL 1714™ conclusively supports brain coping mechanisms and a positive mood.

4. Proven To Promote Great Thinking

Using an EEG to measure brain activity, researchers found that taking BL 1714™ encouraged theta wave activity. This brain wave is linked to a healthy stress response and can help you enter a flow state (ie: an effortless state of focus and concentration).