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LifeEssence™ Powder

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Life Essence™ Powder is a profound multiple beverage mix, combining vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, co-nutrients, SuperFoods, adaptogens and Superior Herbs. In these foods are phytochemicals and energies that holistic health practitioners have used for millennia to build optimal health. This remarkable nutritional system:

  • Provides Vitamin & Mineral Needs*
  • Supports Antioxidant Systems*
  • Supports Immune Function*
  • Promotes Energy (With No Stimulants)*

How to Use

Take 2 scoops daily. Stir in water, smoothie or your favorite beverage.

Do I Need A Multivitamin?

Every second, the cells in your body conduct trillions of biochemical reactions. Health is the reflection of how efficiently these reactions occur. Experts agree that we might not get enough of the vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals we need for optimal health. Multiples are the best way to make up the difference.

What Are Phytochemicals?

Phytochemicals are the recently discovered nutrients that make plant foods so healthy. Because they exist only in plants, they are harder than vitamins and minerals to get from foods. Since a multiple’s purpose is to provide nutrients you need but don’t get enough of from foods, every multiple should include them.

Which Phytochemicals Are Best?

The world’s most profound phytochemicals come from plants called Adaptogens and Superior Herbs. They support every life process, nourish every organ and gland, protect every cell and have been used for centuries by the world’s great holistic systems to promote energy, vitality and longevity. 

What About Fruits and Vegetables?

Fruits and veggies are great, but multiples can’t supply even a small fraction of the amounts you need. They can, however, deliver meaningful doses of Adaptogens and Superior Herbs. Because LifeEssence™ provides vastly more of these than other multi’s, you’ll feel the difference at once!!!*

LifeEssence™ Powder

LifeEssence™ Powder is a flavorful and nutritious powder mix that makes it easy to get your vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and so much more, every day - even when life gets busy! Simply add two scoops of the LifeEssence™ Powder to your water or smoothie to provide the essential nutrients needed to help your body's natural processes.*