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Liposomal B Complex Plus


Liposomal B Complex Plus

Combines essential nutrients with the lypo-spheric delivery system to create a comprehensive and powerful supplement. Each packet of lypo-spheric B complex plus delivers high-quality B vitamins, along with a special blend of trace minerals and cinnamon extract.

Why you need it: Formulated to help prevent the formation of advanced glycation end-products. Use as part of your diet to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels already in the normal range. Deliver safe and natural cellular energy support.

Formulated for maximum absorption and effectiveness — even for those with conditions and prescriptions that impede B vitamin activity.

Contains active forms of B vitamins, including methylated folate, to ensure everyone can benefit from the formulation.

Contains immune system supporting minerals zinc and selenium with only ingredients necessary for an effective liposomal supplement. No sugar, ever!

Single-dose packets for optimal freshness and effectiveness with Real liposomal encapsulation.