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LIPOSOMAL Glutathione


LIPOSOMAL Glutathione

Every cell in the body needs glutathione and most cells actually produce it; but internal and external factors adversely affect the amount of Glutathione your body produces. Pathogens, stress, free radicals and the aging process can leaf to Glutathione deficiencies.

Why you need it: Helps produce cells from the damaged caused by harmful free radicals, supports a healthy liver ,supports optimal cellular health. Supports a health immune system.

The oral glutathione that actually raises body glutathione levels and helps increase T cell count for optimal immune health.

Contains Setria® Glutathione, which is scientifically shown to raise body GSH levels and increase T cell activity, with only ingredients necessary for an effective liposomal supplement. No sugar, ever!

Single-dose packets for optimal freshness and effectiveness with Real liposomal encapsulation.