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Can't decide which one to take?

We frequently tell our customers who can't decide which product to take to "listen to your body". Most people actually have a sense of whether they feel toxic, as if their body contains something they want to remove (try Humic)….or whether they feel that something is missing and they need to add something (try Fulvic). Using that same concept:

• Humic: provides natural detoxification

• Fulvic: supports the functions that enable natural healing

The simplest way of looking at the products is to decide whether you want to get a fresh start with natural detoxification, or are looking for something to defend a healthy system and sustain vibrant energy and healthy nutrition. And if you want to do both, then you can certainly take full doses of both Humic and Fulvic at the same time. A good deal of our customers looking to maintain optimal health take both products at full or double doses instead of choosing between one or the other. There is never any danger of “getting too much” because all our minerals are 100% plant derived; therefore it is impossible for them to build up as a toxin in the tissues like metallic or clay based minerals can. Plant based minerals enhance and boost the effectiveness of all other supplements they’re taken with.

Benefits of Humic:

Humic assists healthy digestive function and enhances the body’s natural ability to detoxify harmful compounds. The modern diet is nutrient deficient and full of unhealthy chemicals and additives. Humic Minerals help nourish your system while supporting the natural removal of MSG, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, environmental metals, and more. It also reinforces healthy immune function, and is vital as a pre-biotic for a healthy gut.

Benefits of Fulvic:

Fulvic is very powerful for the reactions it enables throughout the body. It nourishes cells by transporting a higher quantity of nutrients directly into cells, providing cellular energy and helping to balance all the body’s natural functions. This assists resiliency and boosts natural defenses to maintain optimal wellness. Fulvic can be described as "adaptive", to properly maintain the body’s healing systems, due to promoting the natural energy of cells