Blue Bottle Love

Moksha Blue Water Bottle



Introducing this beautiful frequency to water!!  Moksha is the ultimate Peace, Knowledge and Enlightenment.   The process of Moksha  is the process by which the soul is liberated from repeating the cycle of reincarnation (death and re-birth). The soul is then freed from experiencing all pain, suffering, and limitations involved in ‘worldly existence’. These limitations are influenced by one’s attachment to worldly experiences and possessions.  Another way to define Moksha would be to call it Freedom or Liberation.

In doing so, the ‘enlightened’ soul is able to leave behind all concepts of ego, power, money, greed and other related earthly passions. We are grateful to be able to offer this powerful symbol to you and to water.  The water tasted amazing blessed by this frequency!

To increase the frequency of your water and raise your overall vibration, fill your Blue Bottle Love bottle with pure spring water or the best water you have access to, and place in the sun for a minimum of one hour. Prepare to be transformed from the inside out!

Moksha Symbol

Gorgeous true blue glass is made in Italy.

Our logo flip top cap is BPA-free, leak-proof, & always ON the bottle.

Deeply sandblasted symbols etched in USA.

Thick, break resistant glass is durable and reusable.

Water stays fresh and clean and more hydrogen rich in Blue Glass.

750ml/25oz & 5Liter