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Montana Emu Oil 100% Pure 2 oz and 4 oz



What is PET Plastic?
PETE (also abbreviated PET or P.E.T.) is short for polyethylene terephthalate, the chemical name for polyester.

Global Safety Approval
PETE is approved as safe for contact with foods and beverages by the FDA and health-safety agencies throughout the world. The safety of PETE for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and medical applications has been repeatedly demonstrated through extensive studies, regulatory approvals, testing, and its widespread acceptance for more than 30 years. PETE does not contain bisphenol-A (BPA) or phthalates (plasticizers).

Fully Recyclable
PETE is completely recyclable, and is the most recycled thermoplastic in the U.S and worldwide.
PETE (also abbreviated PET or P.E.T.) can easily be identified by the #1 or the #01 inside the triangular "chasing arrows" code shown below, which one of them is usually found molded into the bottom of the container.