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One ‘n’ Only™ PreNatal – One A Day Multivitamin

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One ‘n’ Only™ PreNatal is carefully formulated with whole food nutrition, vitamins and minerals, superfoods, bioflavonoids, herbal extracts traditionally to support healthy pregnancy, digestive aids and ginger to calm your stomach.

During pregnancy, a “mother to be” is most certainly eating for two. She needs extra nutrients, but must be careful not to overload tissues in the developing child. Thus, the potencies of vitamins and minerals in pre-natal nutrition should be smaller than in general multiples. This should be balanced with higher levels of whole foods.

 With 15 to 60 times more whole food value than any other once-daily prenatal product ever offered, One ‘n’ Only™ PreNatal includes 150 mg of spirulina, 140 mg of oat grass juice concentrate, and 20 mg of high ORAC (free radical reduction capacity) fruit concentrates. Approximately 11,300 mg of whole food power is present in each day’s usage. These foods provide instant energy to cells throughout the body at a time a woman needs them most – when they are busy doing the work for two.*

 One ‘n’ Only™ PreNatal contains one 600 mcg of folate, 800 IUs of vitamin D3, and 20 mg of iron, all critical nutrients for an expectant mom and her developing child.*

One ‘n’ Only™ PreNatal also provides botanicals that have been used to promote healthy pregnancies for centuries – raspberry leaf, red clover, and nettle leaf. Fresh ginger juice is added to improve digestion and help with morning sickness, while chlorella is thought to protect infants from toxins in breast milk. Bamboo leaf (the world’s richest source of organic silica) helps the developing fetus build strong bones.*

 As an expecting mother, you don’t want to worry about whether or not your supplements contain ingredients that might harm your fetus or you. And, as long as your supplements are our supplements, you won’t have to, because we do it for you. For the ultimate in prenatal nutrition, step up to One ‘n’ Only™ PreNatal. It is the cleanest, purest, most energetic, and most healthful one-daily prenatal multiple ever offered.*