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P2 Probiotic Skin Spray Refill


P2 Probiotic Skin Spray Refill 16 oz - I Sooth & Protect Your Skin

Our popular P2 Probiotic I Soothe & Protect Your Skin Spray is now in a 16 oz Refill size for the entire family! A 2 oz refillable squirt bottle is included. It's easy to use, and you can take it with you wherever you go.

Use on cuts, burns, rashes, blisters to protect skin from germy invaders and to soothe to alleviate discomfort. 

Even use on diaper rash, as all P2 products are food grade, contain no chemicals and are safe for babies.

Use on eczema & psoriasis - recommended for use in the following manner:

Wash your face, hand and body in P2 I Clean Your Skin Face, Hand & Body Wash

Take a cotton ball and very slightly dappen it. Put a couple drops  of P2 I Clean Your Teeth Mouthwash on it and press into affected areas. 

If you do not put on lotion or other products after steps 1 & 2, let skin dry and follow with the P2 I Soothe & Protect Skin Spray. If you put on lotion, apply the skin spray afterwards once it is dry.