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PowerNerve helps Support Nerves


PowerNerve is a scientifically formulated dietary supplement composed exclusively of clinically proven ingredients. It is designed to support nerve health. It helps prevent the development of diabetic, alcoholic and chemotheraphy induced neuropathy as well as alleviate symptoms of already existing nerve damage. It helps reduce burning, pain, tingling and numbness caused by nerve damage regardless of the cause. As all Nutronco products it is an All-In-One Supplement in which every ingredient serves a purpose and proven clinical research data. POWERNERVE is comprised of a balanced blend of various B vitamins, vitamin D, Zinc, Stabilized R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-Glutamine and Nucleotides. POWERNERVE helps accelerate return of functional mobility thus significantly improving quality of life. It also provides immune support, promote gut health and may boost energy.

✓ 60 Capsules
✓ Support Nerve Health*
✓ May Promote Nerve Recovery and Regeneration*
✓ May Prevent and Improve Diabetic Neuropathy*
✓ May Prevent and Improve Chemotherapy
Induced Peripheral Neuropathy*
✓ May Relieve Neuropathy Burning, Pain and Numbness*
✓ May Increase Energy*