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PowerOncoPlus can be used as a one scoop nutritional drink with 8 to 10 oz. of water providing 158 calories or two scoops providing 316 calories with 16 0z. of water if significant calories are required to help promote the maintenance of a healthy weight, and/or healthy weight gain for people who may be losing weight or grapple with fluid retention due to low serum protein.

PowerOncoPlus is comprised of a purified, natural premium whey isolate protein which is NON-GMO, no casein, no soy, gluten free and nominal amount of lactose.  It provides all essential and non-essential amino acids such as leucine, arginine, and glutamine, which help maintain muscle mass and function. PowerOncoPlus was specifically designed to address the special nutritional requirements for chemotherapy and radiation patients going through treatment. It includes a balanced blend of key vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B, D, zinc, calcium, and selenium. PowerOncoPlus includes key ingredients that help support the immune system and decrease oxidative stress, which may also help alleviate the occasional non-life-threatening side effects of chemotherapy while not interfering with the effectiveness of the treatments. PowerOncoPlus is fortified with nucleotides to maximize immune support and gut health. PowerOncoPlus uses natural ingredients, has no added sugar, and contains a multipurpose proprietary probiotic blend to aid with digestive health.*

PowerOncoPlus is also a healthy nutritional powder drink for anyone looking to help improve their nutritional health whether diabetic, someone with a chronic illness or an athlete looking for higher performance.

✓ One scoop 158 Calories
✓ Two scoops 316 Calories
✓ Premium Protein
✓ Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT)
✓ Promotes Healthy Gut
✓ Fights Oxidative Stress
✓ Supports Immune System
✓ Promotes Lean Muscle Mass
✓ Supports Liver, Heart, Nerves and Bones
✓ Helps Reduce Occasional Nausea and Vomiting
✓ Provides Energy Support
✓ Promotes Hydration of The Body with Electrolytes
✓ Alleviates Occasional Minor Chemotherapy Side Effects
✓ Delivers Vital Nutrition
✓ Recommended by Oncologists