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ProFema™ – Natural Menopause Multivitamin

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ProFema ™ is a comprehensive multi with a distinctly Pure Essence energy package, and with additional factors to keep you feeling your very best as you experience your midlife transition. It is simply fabulous for women at this time of life.

Your body is designed to maintain a precise balance between estrogen and progesterone. During childbearing years, progesterone is made by both the ovaries and the adrenals. As menopause nears, your ovaries begin to shut down, leaving your adrenal glands as your only source.

Unfortunately, poor diet and extreme stress trigger “adrenal exhaustion,” leaving these glands unable to carry the load. This restricts progesterone production, causing the balance between estrogen and progesterone to tilt in favor of estrogen and creating an imbalance called estrogen dominance. This imbalance not only causes the symptoms of menopause but is also linked to more serious health challenges.

While estrogen dominance can be managed with hormone drugs, these drugs may increase the risk for cancer and blood clots. Because of this, many women have turned to the gentler and safer haven of herbs. However, most herbal formulas address only symptoms, while ignoring the reasons they occur.

 Estrogen dominance may occur for several reasons. First, the environment is literally laced with synthetic estrogens. Second, the adrenal glands can be weakened by modern foods and extreme stress. Third, weak or stagnant blood may prevent the delivery of hormones to the sites at which they work or bind them to proteins that render them useless. Products that fail to address all these issues might help you feel better, but they will never let you feel your absolute best. They may also leave you vulnerable to more serious problems in the future.

At Pure Essence, our mission is to address a problem’s root cause. Like everyone else, we provide factors that can help you overcome discomforts as quickly and completely as possible. What sets us apart, is that we seek out and address the underlying reasons that discomforts occur in the first place. For over 20 years, ProFema™ has literally transformed the menopausal experience for women who have used it. It combines a complete multiple vitamin and mineral supplement, an energy rich SuperFood complex, a superb bone support system, and several botanicals to help dispel menopausal discomforts, support hormone balance, address adrenal weakness, and build strong, vibrant blood.*