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SINECCH™ The Homeopathic Arnica Montana


Medication that Reduces Bruising and Swelling

All board-certified surgeons inform their patients prior to surgery that bruising and swelling are natural consequences of most significant surgical procedures. The Homeopathic Arnica Montana product SINECCH was designed to counteract these two post-operative symptoms.  Each patient will respond individually with more or less bruising and swelling, but all patients will experience these symptoms to some degree.  The extent of the bruising and swelling depends on many factors, including the type of procedure, the age and overall health of the patient, whether the patient is a smoker, and the patient’s inherent susceptibility to bruising.


Arnica Montana is available at health food stores and through vitamin websites — however, these dosages of Arnica are not strong enough to treat surgery patients.  Only the SINECCH dosing regimen has been clinically proven in double blind research studies to treat the extensive bruising and swelling that can occur after surgery.  It is the dosage of Arnica Montana provided by SINECCH that can significantly reduce reduces bruising and swelling from: and most other plastic surgery procedures. Arnica Montana in SINECCH can also reduce swelling in most general surgery procedures, including:


Bruising ranges from a minor annoyance that lasts for a few days to a major problem lasting weeks or months, depending on the operation, surgical techniques, and the patient’s tendency to bruise, among other factors.  SINECCH‘s Arnica Montana formulation can significantly reduce bruising for most patients.


Swelling is also common after most surgeries and results from increased body fluid in the affected tissues.  Swelling can contribute to pain, and if excessive, can even affect the final results of the surgery. SINECCH‘s Homeopathic Arnica can significantly reduce both bruising and swelling for most patients.

About Homeopathic Arnica Montana

Homeopathic Arnica has been used to lessen the bruising and swelling after trauma to the human body for hundreds of years.  Arnica Montana is an herb that grows wild in the Swiss Alps.  It’s a species in the genus Arnica, and has also been known over the centuries as “leopard’s bane” and “wolf’s bane.”  For over a thousand years, Arnica Montana has been used as a European herbal medicine for the reduction of bruising and swelling and to shorten the recovery period after physical trauma. Now Arnica Montana is available as SINECCH for the same purposes: to reduce bruising and swelling and to speed healing after a “planned trauma” — that is, surgery.

SINECCH is manufactured in our FDA licensed laboratory under strict FDA guidelines for current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and according to FDA recognized methods of the United States Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia. SINECCH has been on the market and widely available for more than 20 years.