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Immune Pulse - Pulsated Support to Boost Immunity

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Immune Pulse is an advanced immune support formula that uses a pulsated approach in conjunction with the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol to help restore the bioterrain.

Immune Pulse is a unique blend of powerful herbs and nutrients that is designed to be used intermittently in conjunction with the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol and other natural or conventional medical treatments to strengthen immunity, lower overall infection load and reduce inflammation. The ingredients in Immune Pulse were chosen for their proven medicinal value and blended together to take maximum advantage of their antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.
The synergy of the herbs and nutrients in this formula incorporates wisdom accumulated from multiple cultures and medical disciplines. As its name implies, Immune Pulse is not intended to be taken on a continuous long term basis, but rather in a pulsated manner: two days off each week, one week off each month, and one full month off every three months.
Take 2 capsules each day, Monday through Friday, for three weeks.
Skip the next week and weekend (11 days total since last dose) and start again on Monday.
After three rounds (one bottle) skip one month.