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Vital Flora Immune Biome Probiotic


Vital Flora Immune Biome Probiotic

Vital Flora Immune Biome Probiotic is an innovative high potency,
high strain diversity daily formula with a triple blend of probiotics, prebiotics,
and functional mushrooms.

Formulated with 60 billion live probiotic cultures in every capsule, Vital Flora Immune
Biome contains the potency you want for daily immune support.
A healthy gut contains a highly diverse balance of good microbes. Vital Flora Immune
Biome contains multiple strains of Lacto and Bifido bacteria to more closely mirror the
natural diversity of the human gut verses probiotic formulas that contain fewer strains.
Immune Biome contains a diverse blend of 7 different functional organic
mushrooms from the mycelium and fruitbodies including chaga, cordyceps, maitake, reishi,
shiitake, turkey tail, & hime-matsutake.

Vital Flora Immune Biome contains an organic prebiotic blend from 7 diverse sources that
provides food for the probiotics including acacia, apple, Jerusalem artichoke, blue agave,
guar gum, potato, and chicory.
Delayed release capsules help ensure more probiotics reach the intestinal tract where you
want them.
  • Formulated by probiotic expert Brenda Watson, CNC
  • Supports immune health & promotes digestive balance*
  • One convenient capsule per day
  • 60 billion live cultures
  • 60 diverse probiotic strains
  • Diverse blend of 7 organic mushrooms
  • Organic prebiotic blend from 7 different plant sources
  • Delayed release vegetable capsules
  • Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan