Zinc Mineral Immune Health Liquid Concentrate (16 oz)


Zinc is needed for immune health, but the challenge is your body cannot store zinc efficiently. You need to keep providing it daily. That’s where daily supplementation comes in. 

This liquid, ionic Zinc supplement is designed for easy, variable daily dosing for the entire family throughout the year, including now during challenging times.

It’s a nutrient that can be a strong defensive player on your immune health team!*

  • YOU NEED ZINC FOR DAILY IMMUNE HEALTH: Zinc is recognized as an Essential Daily Nutrient. It is important for immune health, to uniquely support pathways that impact immunity and resilience in the body.*

  • ZINC SUPPORTS MULTIPLE BODY FUNCTIONS:  Zinc may also support vision health, cardiovascular, skin and beauty health, brain and mental health*. It is also recognized in topical wound application and general well-being.*

  • LIQUID- FAST: Eniva's liquid design offers high bio-availability and rapid absorption, making it ideal to work into your daily routine. Can be used by the entire family.

  • EASY & CONVENIENT: Easy for many people versus hard-to-swallow pills, lozenges or messy powders. Can be taken straight or added to water, juice or favorite beverage or shake. 

  • PURE & SIMPLE: This product is simply elemental, ionized zinc. Zero calories,  Zero sugar. Zero sweeteners or flavors. Gluten Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free. No Alcohol or preservatives. Keto and low-carb appropriate.  

  • MADE IN USA AT THE ENIVA GMP FACILITY. Quality, purity and safety tested.