GI Natural Pro•Biotic Men

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Available Sizes:
Product No. 43904 - 30 Count Bottle 30 Servings

GI Natural Probiotic Men is a powerful advance in delivering targeted probiotic strains to support and optimize men’s health. Each shelf-stable, full-strength capsule delivers a minimum of 60 billion live probiotic bacteria from 21 strains, including 4 clinically backed strains, significant specifically for improving men’s wellness. Probiotic Men supports optimal digestive health in the small and large intestines, including all parts of the colon.

Probiotic Men also provides nutrients to protect and vitalize male reproductive health while balancing healthy testosterone production.

• Superior-strength 60 billion live probiotic bacteria per capsule
• 21 uniquely distinct probiotic strains
• Supports improved digestive health and immune strength
• Formulated to focus on maximizing microbiome health
• Potentiated with a unique, effective Prebiotic Fiber Complex
• Includes Saw Palmetto Fruit, well respected for prostate health

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