P2 Probiotic Power

P2 Probiotic Gentle Healthy Pet Shampoo 12oz - i Clean Your Pets


So gentle and versatile, our cleanser can be used on any pet, even on puppies, kittens, chicks or any baby animal, including reptiles and other furry friends.  If your pet is prone to allergies or skin irritations, this shampoo will help to provide relief without medication and will not irritate the skin. It will coat your pet's skin with probiotics that protect skin for several days.

In between shampoos, we recommend our i Remove Odor & Itch Hygiene Spray. You can quickly spray a barrier of probiotics on your pet, its bedding, crate, pen, cage or litter box. This spray also helps to control the moisture that can cause irritation.

AAFCO Approved Ingredients:  A Proprietary Blend of FDA GRAS Spore Probiotics, Water, Safe Coconut Detergent (DISODIUM LAURETH SULFOSUCCINATE), Organic Spearmint, Organic Vanilla, Organic Glycerin

No Chemical. No Parabens. No Phthalates. No Dyes. Biodegradable.